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Why I Want To Go On Living
April 23, 2024

Living as Citizens of the Land Called Gospel | Week 3 | In this week’s sermon, Darrell examines how Paul suddenly goes from evangelistic success to being falsely accused and awaiting trial for his life in a Roman prison. Frustration, bewilderment and despair would be normal reactions to such a fall from grace, but instead, Paul is able to rejoice even in the face of suffering and death. How is this possible? Darrell unpacks how God used what happened to Paul, through Paul and in Paul to show how God uses all things to further his kingdom both in the world and in our lives. We learn how and why we can therefore face adversity, and tell the world why we want to go on living in Christ.

First Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C. | September 21, 2014 | Philippians 1:12-26

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