Jonah Series: Feeling for the City What God Feels for the City

Jonah Series | Week 1 | Darrell begins the series by covering all of Jonah chapter 1. He starts this episode message by casting vision for the church to be a community that’s following Jesus with God’s heart for the city. That is the framing Darrell provides for the book of Jonah as a whole - "the book is all about Jonah (and therefore us) being confronted with God’s feeling towards the city - His mercy, His grace and His patience extended to those far from Him." Darrell, moving through chapter 1 section by section, shows that there was a dimension of God’s heart that Jonah wishes did not exist, and how ultimately in chapter 1 on stormy waters, he had to reckon with it. And the truth is, we have to reckon it as well. He ends by leading the congregation in a prayer that is more than a closing prayer, it’s really a prayer that gives space for the Spirit to confront and transform the parts of Jonah that live in all of us.

Jonah Series | First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC, 2012 | Jonah 1

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