Persecuted, Blessed
March 18, 2024

People In Sync | Week 9 | In this sermon, Darrell works through the eighth and final Beatitude of Jesus found in Matthew chapter 5. This beatitude addresses the “persecuted blessed.” To be in sync with Jesus and His kingdom means we can expect to be treated the way Jesus was treated. Followers of Jesus can anticipate opposition, even persecution because they crave right-relatedness with him. Darrell asks, “If the world system, secular or religious, could not handle Jesus doing his gospel - what’s going to happen to those who go carry this same message ?” This sermon closes with three words of encouragement in the face of persecution from Jesus, as he promises “theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”

First Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C. | February 28, 2010 |Matthew 5:3-12

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