Revelation: Did You Get The Invitation?

Week 10 | In this sermon Darrell points our attention to a single verse in the last book of the Bible: "Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb." This verse highlights a profound theme in the Bible, that followers of God are collectively the Bride of Jesus Christ! Living into this marriage reality means we have great dignity - no lowly humanity here, we are the Bride of Christ! We also experience God’s delight in us, the intimacy of God knowing us and us knowing God, and the security in this life that God has chosen us to be with him and that he will go to great lengths to keep his marriage covenant with us. God’s invitation to be the Bride of Jesus Christ is sent out to all people, and right now is the time to say yes and be blessed.

First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC, 2013 | Revelation 19:1-10

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