Revelation: The Church of the True Emperor and the True God

Revelation | Week 3 | In Revelations 2 & 3 Jesus blows the circuit on who we think he is and what the church is. In the form with which these chapters or ‘messages’ were written, there are prophetic and imperial statements being made about who Jesus Christ is and about what he understands His church to be in and for the world.  For the first time the church gathering is described as ecclesia, a word that was reserved for when people were summoned by the King or Emperor to gather about the business of the city. This week Darryl unpacks the summons from Jesus the Everlasting King for His people to gather, share in His life and be about the business of the Kingdom of God in the city.  

First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC, 2012 | Revelation 2 & 3

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