The Invincible Meek
February 13, 2024

People In Sync | Week 4 | Blessed are the meek for they (and only they) shall inherit the earth… Really?

Darrell helps us understand the nature of this seemingly upside-down beatitude and its outrageous promise. Through the words of David in Psalm 37, the life of Moses, and the person of Jesus, we learn that meekness is not weakness or passivity but rather it is the true power that defines the coming Kingdom of God. How can anyone become truly meek? Only through the good news of the Meek One, Jesus Christ, taking hold of our hearts. How do we know the meek will inherit the earth? Because all things belong to the Meek One; He made the earth and delights to give it to His own, both now and forever.

First Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C. | January 24, 2010 |Matthew 5:3-12

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