The Witness of The Spirit (Part 2 of 3)

The Space In Which He Calls Us To Follow | Week 9 | In this sermon, Darrell draws our attention to Jesus’ words about how to live once he is physically absent from earth. In every place we go, with every person we meet, even when sin, evil, and death are present and appear dominant, the good news is that the Paraclete is present and active! The Paraclete, also known as the Holy Spirit, is the presence of Jesus with us and with all people. Jesus revealed this good news to his disciples just before he was crucified, died, was buried, resurrected, and ascended. And this good news is crucial for disciples to understand, because Jesus does not ask us to carry on his work alone. Jesus knows we are not strong enough to do so on our own. Rather, Jesus asks us to join the work that the Paraclete is already and always carrying on.

First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC | June 13, 2010 | John 15:26-16:11

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