Before Bethlehem

Christmas According to John | Week 1

The month of December can be a busy time of year in our modern world, yet it is during this Christmas season that the cultural spotlight shines on Jesus more than perhaps any other time of the year.

This Christmas, Darrell invites you to soak in the opening verses of the Gospel of John, a passage that takes us into the very heart of the Advent Christmas Season. Join Darrell as he takes us back before Bethlehem, to the very beginning.

For as we enter into this special time of year, we celebrate how the one who has existed for all eternity, the Divine Creator, has put on human flesh and come into the world so that we too might live toward God, in sync with the one who gives us life. 

First Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C. | November 30, 2014 | John 1:1-18

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