The Coming of the Light

Christmas According to John | Week 2

Darrell calls these opening verses of the Gospel of John an “overture,” because it not only sets the stage for what is to come but draws us step by step more deeply into an ever greater sense of wonder. He breaks down words and concepts like logos, bios, zoé, and cosmos to prove that Jesus is in fact the Life and the Light of the world, begotten not made and therefore God. 

Darrell expands Jesus’ claim that because we have seen Him, we have seen God:  because we have seen Jesus we have seen humanity, who we are, who we are supposed to be, and who, by grace, we can become.

He explains why even though the Light has come, the world is still in darkness, and ends on the triumphant note that the darkness can never overcome the everlasting light.

First Baptist Church, Vancouver, B.C. | December 7, 2014 | John 1:1-18

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