Jonah Series: Compassion For The Great City

Jonah Series | Week 4 | This is the final week in this sermon series moving through the book of Jonah with Darrell.

At the top of this message, Darrell sharply summarizes the four chapters of Jonah. He describes chapter 1 as Jonah running from God. Chapter 2: Jonah running into God. Chapter 3: Jonah running with God, and Chapter 4: the chapter that Darrell covers in this message, is Jonah trying to run God. In this message, Darrell leans into the main thread of chapter 4 which is Jonah’s deep frustration with the merciful and compassionate dimension of God, and the reality that God isn’t acting how he would. Darrell does just a brilliant job unpacking and clarifying the odd events in this chapter, and applying the good news of Jesus to its abrupt ending.

Jonah Series | First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC, 2012 | Jonah 3:10-4:10

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