Jonah Series: The City That Heard and Acted

Jonah Series | Week 3 | We’re moving through all of chapter 3, which covers Jonah’s message to Nineveh and their repentant response. Darrell seeks to answer three questions in this message: First, "Why did the Ninevites repent?", second "What would have happened if they didn’t?" and third, "What is the message for our cities and us today?"

All throughout, Darrell provides such an accurate window into God’s great love and grace for the city of Nineveh. And with the repentance of Nineveh on full display in this chapter, Darrell voices the question that we the listeners might be wondering as he’s sharing, which is “Could we ever see something like that in our cities today?” Finally, Darrell concludes this sermon in such a beautifully unique fashion - He simply shares what he would say if he had the attention of his city for just 10 minutes.

Jonah Series | First Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC, 2012 | Jonah 3:1-4:1

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